São Paulo, 1981
Thalita Hamaoui (São Paulo, 1981) graduated from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, in 2006, under the guidance of Sandra Cinto, with a focus on sculpture. She joined study and mentoring groups with important artists such as Bruno Dunley, Marco Gianotti, Rodolpho Parigi and Regina Parra, in addition to having participated, in 2018, in Pivô's artistic residency program. At the beginning of her career, she dedicated a long time to textile printing, an activity that would always influence her. It was with textile design that her organic shapes began to emerge, her main interest being the time-consuming dedication to the drawing and the colors of the dyes. In 2013, Hamaoui began to focus her research on painting, through watercolor and gouache. However, it was experimenting with oil paint that the artist reached the power of her gestures. In her first works with the medium, elements such as houses and people still formally inhabited the compositions, but always in a secondary way – the landscape completely taken over by nature was already her central character. The landscapes that she still builds today are fantastic, almost delirious, in which organic forms present themselves in intense colors and layers of different textures, creating an intoxicating atmosphere. Thalita Hamaoui was selected in the 2017 open call of Centro Cultural São Paulo, showing "Um Passo Irreparável," her first solo exhibition. Among other solo shows are "Gaia: her flesh, her soul, her breath", (2023) Simoes de Assis, São Paulo, " Dance," (2023) Alban galeria, Bahia, " Virá," (2022) Simões de Assis, Curitiba; "A Borda do Mundo" (2020) at Galeria Nave, and "Oferenda" (2019) at the studio of Marilá Dardot, with critical mentoring by the artist and Cristiana Tejo – both in Lisbon, Portugal. Among collective participations, the following stand out "Mãe," 55 SP Espaço Cama, São Paulo; "Mothering" (2022), Kupfer Project, London; "Emotional Ladscapes" (2021) curated by Gisela Gueiros; "Um retrato para um novo mundo" (2021), Casa da Luz, São Paulo; "Mutirão," Now here (2021), Lisbon; "The Land of no evil" (2019), Off Shoot Gallery, London; Infinitess (2019), Lazy Susan Gallery, New York; "Zona de coexistência" (2019), in dialogue with the collection of Duda Miranda, "Áurea" (2018), LÁFF, Hamburg, and "Procession" (2016), Folley Gallery, New York. She also has works in public collections, such as the National Museum of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro and The Ronaldo Britto collection in São Paulo.


Thalita Hamaoui
Bahia, 2023
oil and oil stick on canvas
Desenhar os dias, 2023
oil and oil stick on canvas