Mexico City, 1994
Graduate from the Faculty of Art (UNAM) in Mexico City (2016) and student at the Academy of Arts of Düsseldorf in the Class from Ellen Gallagher since 2019. In 2016 he earn the prestigious grant for young artist FONCA. His work has been exhibited internationally in a different solo show in countries like Mexico, the United States of America, and Germany. Since 2014 his work has been taking part in more than twenty group shows, many of them in Art Museums like the Museum of Modern Art of Mexico City (MAM), the Museum of Con- temporary Art Alfredo Zalce, the Art Museum of Sinaloa, and more. As well, many of these exhibitions have been taking place in many different Art Galleries like Luis Adelantado, Arróniz, Maximilian Contemporary, Daniela Elbahra, and etc. He also took part in Art Fairs like FAMA Monterrey and Trámite Querétaro. Furthermore, he has been invited to different Artistic Residences Programs in Mexico City and Oaxaca. In 2018 the Jury of the Alfredo Zalce Biennial grant him the Honorific Mention of the contest. Besides that, his work has been selected in different Art contests like the Alfredo Zalce Biennale and the UNAM Biennale.


Diestra 2023
encaustic on wood panel
Siniestra, 2023
encaustic on wood panel
Datura's garden V, 2022
oil and acrylic on canvas
Ritual instrument, 2021
Ritual, 2020
charcoal on paper
Flower of vision, 2022
oil and acrylic on canvas