Ida Gerhardi Advancement Award 2022

20.05. – 04.09.2022

For more than 30 years and for the 17th time, the Sparkasse Lüdenscheid has donated the Ida Gerhardi Promotional Prize. This is aimed at young artists with a connection to North Rhine-Westphalia whose works are characterized by their independence and originality. 

KUNST JETZT! is both title and motto of the exhibition and provides an insight into the wide range of current trends in contemporary art in North Rhine-Westphalia and its international art schools.

This year, 11 artists are applying with their works for the Ida Gerhardi Advancement Award. With their artistic positions, they neither share fleeting socio-critical discourses nor do they take up ostensibly epigonal tendencies, but above all they are concerned with questioning familiar dimensions of perception. This process takes place less in a narrative artistic statement than in the use of aesthetic disruptive factors. Colour, shape, material, surface, volume – all visually perceptible properties of the work of art itself or its integration into the surrounding space contain the charm of the unusual. The irritation caused raises questions – about human interaction, about the path that politics and community are currently willing to take, after dealing with digital development and social crises. Despite their individuality, the 11 positions have in common that they ask themselves these extremely relevant questions, meet them with their own artistic means and take them up in a reflective manner.

Works by the following artists can be seen:

Jonas Bechtloff / Justyna Janetzek / Björn Knapp / Pia Krajewski / Jörg Kratz / Philipp Röcker / Oliver Schuß / Jeehye Song / Malte van de Water / Denise Werth / Yoana Tuzharova